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What About Extra Magic Hours?

I know I’m not the only one who has missed seeing the parks after dark 

I recently talked about my thoughts on bringing back FastPass+. But what about Extra Magic Hours? Is this a perk that would bring more people to the hotels, and generate more revenue for Disney? Or would it cost more to bring this initiative back?

I think that it might soon be time to bring back Extra Magic Hours. At the moment, the parks tend to get backed up at the beginning of the day. If one park each day opened an hour early to Disney Resort guests, it would help to get everyone through a bit faster, and there would be less of a crowd problem when that park opens.

Then again, I don’t think that one extra hour a day would be enough for most people to return to Walt Disney World. I know that it would be only one extra hour of pay, but how many Cast Members would need to be paid that extra hour each day? Would those guests then buy something to eat in the parks? There have been a lot of complaints that there aren’t enough breakfast offerings in the parks right now. An extra hour without breakfast could lead to an extra hour of complaints. Many places that used to serve breakfast have stopped temporarily, and it would cost too much to start breakfast again.

One thing that I think could be a good idea is to add that extra hour in the evenings instead of in the morning. I’ve missed seeing the parks after dark, and I know that I’m not the only one. Giving resort guests an hour to see the parks light up once again could be a great incentive to stay on property.

I’m sure that Extra Magic Hours will eventually be back. I don’t know when. They aren’t really needed right now, because it’s possible to get everything done within the current hours. Still, it’s a nice bonus. When I hear something, I will let you know.