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Sunday Savings Series: Disney Character Warehouse Reopening

The bargains are back! 

I’ve talked in the past about how the two Disney Character Warehouse locations can save you a lot of money on souvenirs. Much of the merchandise is from past events in the Walt Disney World theme parks, and the prices are slashed. I’ve found items from Disneyland and Disney Cruise Line as well. There are also plenty of general items, like T-shirts, ears, and mugs. You need to have self-control if you go, because there are so many bargains.

I’ve heard from multiple sources that one of the two local Disney Character Warehouse locations is open once again. I have not had the chance to check it out yet, and it will be a few weeks until I brave it. Still, the information is reliable, so I thought I’d pass it along to you.

The open store that I have heard about is the one that is located on Vineland Avenue. I’m not sure about the other location. Last I heard it was still closed, but it looked like they were getting things ready.

Since stores are still required to operate at a limited capacity right now, the number of people allowed in the warehouse has been cut drastically. The store often had crazy long lines before COVID-19, and people have been flocking to it since it opened again. To keep crowds from gathering outside of the store, Disney is taking phone numbers. When there is a spot for you to come in, you will receive a text. If you don’t show up within a timeframe you will be texted again. If you don’t check in after the second text, you will lose your spot.

There is one thing that I want to warn you about. Multiple people have told me that there have been people coming in early and buying up much of the newer merchandise. These items will then end up for sale on sites such as eBay. If you’re hoping to find things that haven’t been picked over, you will want to arrive as early as possible.

The Disney Character Warehouses are fun to visit, because you never know what you are going to find. My favorite purchase that I’ve made there was a T-shirt that I almost bought at Disney Springs, and later regretted not getting it. I ended up paying $5 for a shirt that was originally five times that. New merchandise comes in all the time, although I’ve heard that it isn’t daily at the moment. I can’t wait until things calm down a bit, because I have missed bargain hunting.