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More Halloween News

The Cadaver Dans are returning!!!

Disney Parks Blog has released a few more details of what we can expect as far as celebrating the Halloween season at the Magic Kingdom. Treats and merchandise are already being sold at the park, and in other places throughout Walt Disney World.

We already knew that the decorations would be up on September 15. We also knew that all guests would be allowed to wear costumes (per Disney’s guidelines) and that there would be special Character Cavalcades. Mickey and the gang in their costumes are pretty much a given. We now know that we could see a cavalcade of villains, and another one with Jack Skellington! All cavalcades may not run all days.

There is another treat that is returning to the Magic Kingdom on September 20. We will all be thrilled to once again enjoy the Dapper Dans! for the Halloween season, it’s the Cadaver Dans who will be performing. I’m assuming that they’ll be returning to the regular performances after Halloween is over, but that hasn’t been confirmed by Disney.

One interesting note about September 20. As I said earlier today, that is also the day that Savi’s Workshop will reopen at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Hopefully this means that we will see more union entertainment return to the parks in the very near future.

As already noted, the extra Halloween fun will begin on September 15. It runs through Saturday, October 31, which of course is Halloween itself. Things will then turn around, and the Christmas holiday season will begin on November 6. That will run through December 30.