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Sunday Savings Series: Fun Card Deal

Florida Residents can save at SeaWorld!

If you are a Florida Resident there is a special deal that you might want to take advantage of. SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment offer what they refer to as a Fun Card. Normally you would buy a pass that costs the equivalent of a one day, non-discounted ticket, and it would be good for the rest of the year. It costs less than an Annual Pass, but it doesn’t have all the benefits. This year, though, there is a special offer on the Fun Card. You will not only receive the rest of 2020, but also all of 2021!

There is even a great deal on the Fun Card if you purchase before September 8, 2020. For SeaWorld Orlando, it’s $109.99. For Aquatica, it’s $79.99. For Busch Gardens Tampa, it’s $110.99. For Adventure Island Water Park in Tampa, it’s $60.99.

You can also purchase a two-park Fun Card if you would prefer. For SeaWorld Orlando and Aquatica, it’s $164.98. For Busch Gardens and Adventure Island, it’s $151.98. Although the prices will go up in a few days, a Fun Card is always a bargain.

One thing that some families will do is to purchase one Annual Pass, and then Fun Cards for the rest of the family. That way they will receive free parking (for the Silver pass and higher) and other discounts, without paying the full Annual Pass price for everyone.

Years ago my family and I started with Fun Cards, and we got a lot of use out of them. We eventually decided to upgrade to Annual Passes. SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment has since revamped the Annual Pass offerings, but we are locked in with our old passes. We pay an unbelievably low amount each month for our passes, and even though we visit Walt Disney World more often we do go frequently. If you are a Florida Resident and are wondering if you would use a SeaWorld or Busch Gardens Annual Pass often enough, a Fun Card is a good way to find out.