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There’s plenty of “Joy” to be found… 

I read a lot about Walt Disney World. I like to learn people’s opinions, and it can also give me an idea of what people would like to learn more about. I have read several reviews about what people think since the Walt Disney World theme parks reopened. A review that I read today has sparked this post.

In the review, the woman started by talking about all the safety measures that Disney has taken. She mentioned the social distancing markers, the abundant hand sanitizer, and how people were following the face mask rule. At first it sounded like she had really enjoyed her vacation.

The review went downhill quickly. She blasted Disney because all of the stores weren’t open. She then said the same thing about the restaurants, and claimed that it was next to impossible to find food. She also wasn’t thrilled that rides were sometimes down when she was there, even though it’s a common occurrence for rides to shut down in Florida because of the rain.

The final section was the worst. She complained about the lack of parades and nighttime fireworks. She said that Disney should have found a way to hold fireworks and still keep people apart. She said that without fireworks, there was no magic.

This woman obviously had her expectations up way too high for her visit. Things are different right now, and Disney has been honest with us about it. They have stated over and over again that the parades and fireworks are on hold until further notice. The list of operating rides, attractions, restaurants, and stores can be found on the Walt Disney World website (and on Disney Over 50). There was nothing that she mentioned that she should not have known about ahead of time with a little bit of research.

Disney is trying hard to keep the magic going, while keeping costs down. Fireworks not only draw a crowd, they are expensive. The Magic Kingdom isn’t even open after dark right now, so operating hours would need to be extended in order to hold Happily Ever After. That would also mean more expenses, because of extended hours for Cast Members, etc. Plus you know as well as I do that there is no way that fireworks would not draw a crowd. The way that things are right now, people hit all the rides, and then leave. Many don’t stay until closing. There isn’t a mass rush at the end of the night like there is after a fireworks demonstration.

My point is this. If you’re headed to Central Florida, make sure that you know what to expect before you leave home. Your expectations should include clean parks, social distancing markers, and Cast Members reminding people to follow the rules. You should also expect to find the magic in other places where you didn’t see it before. Character Cavalcades and characters in other places will bring out the kid in your heart. If your favorite restaurant isn’t open, you might find a new favorite. (There are plenty of places to order food from, I have no idea what she was talking about on that.) If a ride isn’t operating because of weather or for another reason, ride something else! Disney has served us so well for so long that we do have high expectations. If you know what the changes are before your vacation, you can expect to still have a wonderful time.