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Leaving Cast Member Compliments

Has a Cast Member added to the magic?

I’ve mentioned leaving Cast Member compliments before. If there is someone who makes your day, Disney wants to know about it! That said, I think that now is a more important time than ever to let Disney know when someone would have made Walt proud. Most Cast Members didn’t work for months, and then had to be retrained when they returned. Many are temporarily working in positions that they did not have before, especially without the College Program. They are wearing face masks all day and not complaining, and some are wearing face shields as well. It is not an easy job under the best of circumstances, but most Cast Members love what they do. It only takes a minute to let Disney know that someone more than exceeded expectations.

When you find a great Cast Member, read his or her nametag. Make note of the name, and also the town and state if you can. Also try to remember where you met the Cast Member, and the approximate time of day. This information will help to ensure that the right person receives the compliment.

My favorite way to leave a Cast Member compliment is to go to Guest Relations at a theme park. Part of the reason why I like to do it that way is because the people who work in Guest Relations hear complaints all day long, I want them to know that something good has happened. You will be asked a few questions about the situation and the Cast Member in question. Often they can also show you a picture, to make sure that the compliment is left in the right file. Last week I had a Cast Member who works in Guest Relations make my day, so we later left a compliment for him in the place where he works. I could tell that was rare, and the person who took the information was excited to receive a good report for a friend.

Another popular way to leave a Cast Member compliment is through Twitter. You’ll tag @WDWToday, and use #CastCompliment. Again, include as much information as you can. Not only will Disney see it, the Cast Member might as well.

I rarely use Twitter, so if I don’t leave the compliment at Guest Relations I’ll send an email. The email address is Guest [dot] Services [at] DisneyWorld [dot] com. What I like about email is that I can include as much information as I want, I don’t have to try to do it in a certain amount of characters like Twitter. If you send an email you will receive an automatic reply, and then a personalized follow-up email. Things at Disney are busy right now, so it might take several days to receive the reply.

The final way to leave a Cast Member compliment is to call Walt Disney World. I am not even going to give the phone number, though, because Disney’s phone lines are insane right now. Okay, the number for past visits is (407) 939-6104, but don’t say that I didn’t warn you!

Walt Disney World takes Cast Member compliments seriously. There will be a note made in the Cast Member’s file, which could help for future promotions or a change in position for the better. The Cast Member will also be told by his or her manager about the compliment. I know a lot of current and former Cast Members, and receiving a compliment is special. Everyone likes to know that their hard work is appreciated, and this is an easy way to put a smile on the face of a person who already put a smile on yours.