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The Possible Future of Characters

The First Order has taken over Disney Springs 

Walt Disney World has announced that once the parks reopen in July, character meet and greets as well as parades will be temporarily suspended. Does that mean that we won’t have a chance to see our favorites? Seeing Mickey is a highlight of any Walt Disney World holiday, and a Mickey-less vacation does not sound quite as magical. While Disney has not said what is planned, we have a couple of clues about what might happen.

The first clue comes from Shanghai Disney Resort. Characters are still part of the experience, but guests cannot get up close. Special experiences have been created so that guests will still be able to take great pictures, but also won’t break the rules. There are also still character meals, but the characters don’t go from table to table.

The second clue can currently be found at Disney Springs. Stormtroopers are now patrolling in two different places! They are not near the people below, but they still interact with the guests. There are places in the theme parks where characters could easily be seen and wave, while still following social distancing.

There is one other way that we might be able to have some extra character fun. Disney loves MagicShots, and it is my hope that they will add more opportunities once the parks reopen. Some of these could even be added in current meet and greet locations. This is not something that Disney has announced, but it does make sense that they might add more.

Disney has not addressed where and how we will see characters once things reopen. Everything here is either speculation or wishful thinking on my part. Still, I will be shocked if we don’t get to see characters in some way once the parks reopen. Whatever Disney decides to do, I have no doubt that it will be magical.