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Sunday Savings Series: Now More Than Ever…

A travel agent can help with all the details 

With Walt Disney World reopening and so much uncertainty at the moment, it is now more important than ever before to use a travel agent. I already wrote several of the reasons why, and you can read my original post here.

These days there are two main reasons why you should use a travel agent if booking or rebooking. First, everything seems to be changing daily right now. A travel agent will be on top of all of the changes, and will be able to better help you to make the right decisions. There could be something that you do not know about, but your travel agent does. It is his or her job to stay on top of the current situation.

The second reason is because the tourism industry has been hit hard the past couple of months. Most travel agents have taken a huge financial hit. Working with a travel professional will allow you to help someone financially, at no extra cost to you.

One of the most important things when working with a travel agent is to work with someone who specializes in Disney vacations. I have friends who received some very bad advice when planning their Disney trip. They booked through a travel agent who does not specialize in Disney, and it was a mess. (They still had a magical time.) Find someone who loves the Mouse as much as you do, and someone who will listen to what your needs are. That’s the best way to have the most magical vacation possible.