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The Future of Bag Check

How will bag check change once the parks are open again? 

I will start right off by saying that everything below is pure speculation on my part. Disney has released nothing about how bag check will be handled once the parks reopen. That said, I think that it’s safe to say that changes will need to be made. I, for one, don’t really like the idea of a security guard going through several people’s bags and then touching all of my things. Here are a few of the possibilities for the future of bag check.

The best way to change bag check is to switch over to a touchless system. Universal Orlando Resort uses x-ray machines, similar to what you’ll find at the airport. You put your bag down and then pick it up on the other side. It’s fast, easy, and no one touches your bag unless there is a problem with something that is inside.

If Disney does not invest in the x-ray machines, changes will need to be made in how security looks through your bags. My guess is that each guest will be part of the process. You’ll put your bag on the table, and you will be the one to hold it open. The security guard will then use one of those long sticks to get a peek inside and move things around. If he or she has any questions, you will be responsible for emptying the bag to see everything inside. This will be slow, but still allow for a thorough inspection.

Another possibility is for the security guard to use hand sanitizer after each and every bag. He or she would need to wear gloves, because that much Purell would do a number on the skin! I’m sure that if they go this route, people will still complain, since there could still be some contact.

One last possibility is one that I do not really like. Disney could decide to temporarily get rid of bag check altogether. I know that the vast majority of Disney guests are not going to bring in something dangerous, but there could still be problems. I have a friend who is a security guard who used to do bag check at the parks. He told me that almost every day someone would try to sneak in something that could be dangerous. Even something as simple as a selfie stick can be a danger if someone pulls it out on a ride. Bag check is a step to keep people safe. I hope that Disney doesn’t get rid of this step to keep guests safe in other ways.