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Tomorrow could be a BIG day here in Central Florida! 

Tomorrow, April 29, we might finally have some answers. The stay-at-home order in Florida is set to expire on April 30, and Governor Ron DeSantis has said that tomorrow he will give us a decision on whether or not it will continue.

It is assumed that the Governor is going to allow the different counties in the state to come up with their own plans for reopening. Central Florida has not been hit nearly as hard with Coronavirus as originally feared, the Miami area was the worst in the state. The Orange County Economic Task Force met today (April 28), and it is expected to continue to meet daily until a plan for reopening the county has been released. Businesses in Central Florida have been told to start planning to reopen.

There are some things that have been recommended for the reopening of the theme parks. These are currently just suggestions, the possible course of action. We can expect six foot markings in order to continue social distancing. Employees will wear masks and will have their temperatures checked daily. It’s unclear whether or not guests will be expected to wear masks or have their temperatures checked. (I’ve heard it both ways.) Rides and attractions will be sanitized often, and most likely hand sanitizer will be used by everyone before and after each ride. Those who are 65 and older will be encouraged to stay at home, at least for a little while.

The theme parks could also open in phases. With Phase One the parks will be allowed to reach 50% capacity. Phase Two will be 75% capacity. There is no word on how much time will pass between the phases. The smaller theme parks such as Fun Spot and Gatorland would not have phases. Orange County Major Jerry Demings has said that Phase One could begin in two to three weeks.

One thing has been emphasized over and over again. When the parks do reopen, it will take place slowly. I will keep a close watch on things tomorrow. Remember, right now there is no date for reopening, and nothing that I’ve said about the reopening is set in stone. I’m as anxious to learn what the plan is as you are.