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Sunday Savings Series: A Savings Advantage of Driving

Thinking of driving instead of flying? 

Coronavirus is making many people rethink their next Walt Disney World vacation. It’s understandable that flying may not be the most desirable option at the moment. The thought of visiting an airport that handles people from around the world, and then getting crowded onto a plane; I know of a lot of people who are thinking about driving instead of flying once the parks reopen.

This is Sunday, which means I want to give you a way to save money. Having a car gives you one very easy way to save. You will be able to spend a lot less on food, if that is what you want. With a car, you can easily head to Publix or Target once you arrive, and stock up on a few extras to take into the parks. Bagels make a great breakfast, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are perfect for lunch. That’s two meals that you have saved on. If you want to still enjoy the Disney dining experience, have dinner at a park restaurant. You will still have saved a lot of money.

When you purchase items that you will carry with you all day, make sure that they are light. You don’t want to break your back! There are lockers for rent in each park, so if your pack is too heavy that might be the solution. I will also sometimes just leave the food in the car in a cooler. It takes a bit to get back to the car if I’m parking at the Transportation & Ticket Center, but for the other three parks it doesn’t take too much to return to the car.

Make sure that you buy things that will hold up well in the Florida heat. That rules out most chocolate products. If you buy bananas, eat those early. You don’t want to see what a banana looks like after being in a hot backpack all day.

With a car, you can also easily leave Walt Disney World and grab a meal. There are plenty of fast food restaurants in the area. Honestly, though, I don’t recommend that, unless you would be leaving the parks anyway. You’d lose a couple of hours of park time just to save a few dollars.