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Crazy Rumors, April 2 Edition

Is this what the rumor mill looks like? 

I’ve talked a lot about rumors in the past, but yesterday was April Fools’ Day. Not everyone decided to stay prank-free like I did here and we did at Disney Dining. While I didn’t see a lot of pranks, there were a few out there, so I’d like to address them here.

An opening date for the parks has not been announced! Anyone who has said otherwise is either guessing or is just plain cruel. There are two factual things that we do know. The entire state of Florida is under a stay-at-home mandate for the remainder of April. So unless something changes drastically, there won’t be even a soft opening during this month. The second thing that we know is that Disney is accepting reservations for June 1 and beyond. Again, that does not mean that Walt Disney World or Disneyland will be open on June 1. It just suggests that it is a date that they’re shooting for to return to some semblance of normal.

Another rumor that is now floating around is that when Disney reopens they will drastically cut the number of guests allowed in a park at one time. One version of this rumor states that only 1,000 guests will be allowed at a time, and that they will be given 90 minutes to enjoy everything. They will then have to leave, and the next 1,000 will be allowed in. This rumor makes no sense, because it would still mean a crowd of 1,000 people waiting together. I do think that there will be some restrictions on how many people will be allowed in at first, but I doubt that’s how they plan to do it.

A third rumor that I’ve heard I’m pretty sure started as wishful thinking. The rumor states that Disney’s Hollywood Studios will open for one day only, May 4th. That would be so Star Wars fans could celebrate Star Wars Day (May the Fourth Be With You). This is not going to happen, so don’t buy tickets. May 4th is currently when some are projecting that coronavirus will peak in Florida, I don’t think that it would be a good time for crowds.

There are also a couple of rumors that have to do with renewing Annual Passes. If you have one and you are trying to renew but can’t for some reason, first try logging out and then back in. If that doesn’t work, call Disney. There have been some glitches in the online system.

Something that you need to do when you hear a rumor is to consider the source. I’ve seen people post things as fact that were rumor to begin with. I always try to get my information directly from Disney. If I hear something that isn’t official, I will let you know.

I want the parks to reopen just as much as anyone, but I’m glad that Disney is taking their time. I think it’s better to not yet know a reopening date than to be given a date that doesn’t happen. I’ll keep updating you here on the latest local information, I try to update the list the moment I hear something that you might find important. I also try to let you know the latest at the top of the Disney Over 50 Facebook page. If you haven’t like the page yet, please do. That’s the easiest way to keep informed.