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How to Request a Title on Disney+

Disney+ can help to pass the time 

I’ve asked the Disney Over 50 community for suggestions on what to add here while the Disney Parks are closed and we’re all hunkered down because of Coronavirus, and you guys came through! There was one suggestion, though, that I wasn’t sure what to do about. Someone asked about the classic series that so many of us love, The Wonderful World of Disney. While I can’t add links to the show, it did give me another idea.

Look for the teeny, tiny “Help” at the bottom” 

I love Disney+, the streaming service has so much to watch that I will never make a dent in my Watchlist. That said, there are some gaps, including The Wonderful World of Disney. I learned that there is a way to request some of those things that are missing. It’s actually very easy to do.

Choose “Give Feedback” 

I’ll start with the online version of Disney+. Sign in, if you haven’t already. Make sure you’re on a profile. Scroll to the bottom, and look for “Help”. It’s in teeny, tiny letters at the bottom. You’ll then have some options, pick “Give Feedback”. You’ll then see another screen, which says “What would you like to do?” Pick “Request a film or show”. Add The Wonderful World of Disney and up to two more suggestions, then hit “Submit”. It’s as easy as that.

You can suggest up to three at a time 

If you use the Disney+ app on your phone, the process is similar, but there’s an extra step. I have an iPhone, so I’m not sure if it will be similar on Android. When you’re on the home screen, hit the profile icon in the bottom right corner. That will bring up choices, including “Help”. From there it’s the same; “Give Feedback”, “Request a film or show”, put in the title or titles, and hit “Submit”. I also tried it on my TV (I use Roku) and gave up. Your computer or the app on your phone are much easier.

This is from the iPhone app 

Disney listens to the feedback of its customers. I’m not sure how many people will need to request The Wonderful World of Disney for it to make a difference, but there’s no reason to not try. This is the perfect time to request new titles, since Disney wants to find ways to make up some of the losses with the theme parks closed. Disney+ is a great way to pass some of the extra time on our hands. There is a good chance that right now Disney is even more open to suggestions than in the past.