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Ten Second Tip: A Question for You

Instead of a tip, here’s a question…

What do you want to see here on Disney Over 50 during the closure? I will of course do my best to keep you updated with the latest news and information, but what else is important to you? I normally keep comments off here due to spammers, but I will turn them on for this post, unless the spammers start up again. You can also contact me here, or through Facebook or InstagramEdited to add: I had to turn off comments because I was getting spammed, but you can still let me know the other ways. 

2 thoughts on “Ten Second Tip: A Question for You

  1. Disney World is my Happy Place. Just seeing pictures or videos of different attractions or just the buildings makes my day. The animals at Animal Kingdom are my favorite. Stay safe and have a Magical Day everyone.

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