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Circus Kirkus

The tent is small, which means there are no bad seats!

I am going way outside of the Disney Bubble for this one, but I really want to share this with you. There is a brand new circus that might soon be coming your way. It’s called Circus Kirkus. As I write this, the gang is getting ready to head to Tallahassee for a March 6-15 run. There are more shows planned in the future. The dates and cities have not yet been released, but keep your eyes open because if this show comes to your town you do not want to miss it.

Kirk does plenty of tricks with his hat

The Kirkus who is in charge of this circus is Kirk Marsh. Kirk is a longtime friend of my family. We met him when he was a performer on Disney’s Boardwalk several years ago. Kirk is probably the funniest man that I have ever met, and he is also one of the world’s nicest people. Ever. When we heard about Circus Kirkus, my family and I had to check it out.

There are six people in the cast

We were able to see a show the last weekend that they were performing outside of Jacksonville. This circus is in a small space, which gives it an intimate feel. There is a cast of six performers, although they were one short while we were there because of an injury. We didn’t feel like anything was missing, the rest of the group stepped up and everyone gave it their all.

It’s hard than you would think

If you’re expecting animals at this circus, you won’t find any. If you want clowns, there is plenty of clowning around! Kirk is a former Ringling Bros. and Barnham and Bailey clown, and he brings so much laughter to the show. There are also acrobats and juggling. The show moves at a fast pace, there is always something new and exciting about to start.

Don’t try this at home!

One of my favorite parts about Circus Kirkus is that it is perfect for any age. Kirk has a signature red hat that he wears while performing, and the hats were for sale at the concession stand. Several of the children in the audience talked their parents into buying them, and after the show the kids were trying to catch the hats on their heads, similar to what they had seen during the show.

The end of the show

This is probably not going to be the only time that I write about Circus Kirkus. I thoroughly enjoyed this show, and I know that there are people from all over the country who follow Disney Over 50. If there is a chance that the show will be coming near you, I want you to know about it. You will not be disappointed.