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FastPass+ and Smugglers Run

Smugglers Run’s entrance 

On February 19, FastPass+ was offered for Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run for the first time. This is the Disney’s Hollywood Studios version of the ride, Disneyland has not made the change yet. Somehow I was able to get reservations for my daughter and myself, and I thought I would share our experience with you.

Our return time was 11:40, and we showed up exactly on time 

It is Presidents Day Week, which means that the parks are packed right now. Some schools are out for the week, and many of these are in colder places. What better place to spend a week off than Walt Disney World? People who think that Galaxy’s Edge is a failure were not at the park today. Before Smugglers Run, my daughter and I had FastPass+ for Star Tours. It was the longest that I have seen that FP line in a long time! That made me a little bit worried about Smugglers Run.

The Standby Line was 120 minutes, and I think it was accurate 

I didn’t need to be. Things could not have gone more smoothly. The Standby Line was posted at 120 minutes, but there was no wait for FastPass+. When it was our time we walked right up. We scanned our MagicBands and walked in.

I love the picture on the touch point 

The Standby Line for Smugglers Run has great theming throughout the queue. You will not get to see most of it if you have FastPass+, but you will still hear plenty of it. There are occasional small touches like barrels, and you still feel like you are in a rundown hangar. I think it’s better than the Single Rider Line, which to me had a “back alley” feel.

FastPass+ sign inside the hangar 

We didn’t really need much for extra theming, though, because four minutes after scanning our MagicBands we were standing in front of Hondo. Four minutes! To say that I was impressed by how quickly and efficiently the FastPass+ line moved would be an understatement.

The line has a few small touches 

In total, it took 18 minutes from the time that we entered the line until the time we got off of the ride. That is the way that FastPass+ should work! We were also picked to be Pilots, which made the experience even better. Often when something new rolls out at Walt Disney World, unexpected problems crop up. I am pleased to say that our first experience with FastPass+ on Smugglers Run was a great one. Good job, Smugglers Run Cast Members. I hope that Hondo treats you well for taking care of things so efficiently.

Hondo seemed pleased with how things were running