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Warm Winter Weather

A dip in the cool would feel great right about now… 

There are two assumptions that many people make when it comes to winter in Florida. The first is that it never gets cold. While it may not get as cold as where you are from, we do have our share of days that are near freezing…or even below. The second assumption is that it never gets overly warm in the winter. They think that each day has a high of 72 and a low of 65. Each winter it will get much warmer than that for a spell. We are in the middle of one of those spells right now.

I just checked the extended forecast, and we can expect several days in a row with the high temperature hitting the mid-80’s. They have been talking about record highs on the news! While this is quite a bit more comfortable than the month of July, it is still something that many tourists do not expect.

The humidity in the winter needs to be added into the equation as well. We might not have days where there is so much water in the air that it is hard to breathe, but it can still be a factor. Florida is famous for its quick rain showers. A cloud will appear, drop its load, then move on. It is just enough to soak everything, and that water needs to go somewhere! The air can, and often does, go from comfortable to sticky in a matter of minutes.

One thing that I will say over and over again is that you need to check the extended forecast right before you leave home so that you will know what you want to have with you. The weather in Florida is all over the place during the late fall to early spring. You need to be prepared. Also, remember that you need to use sunscreen, even during the winter. Stay hydrated, and enjoy your vacation. “Weather” (pun intended) you have record highs or record lows, there is a good chance that the weather is better than what everyone is experiencing back home.