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Three Day Weekends

All weekends tend to be crowded at Epcot’s Festivals¬†

I have heard many complaints over the past 24 hours about how crowded Walt Disney World is right now. People have been saying that they had heard that the crowd levels have been down, and suddenly they arrive and there are people everywhere. The reason why it’s so crowded is simple, it’s a three day weekend.

There are a couple of reasons why three day weekends are so popular. First, it’s because they tend to be easier on families. Often it will mean taking one less vacation day, because Monday is a paid holiday. It can also mean less time missed from school if there are kids involved. Many school systems plan fall or spring breaks around three day weekends, so some kids are out for a week!

Another reason why three day weekends tend to be crowded is that more locals will visit the parks. Mom and/or Dad might not want to take an entire day off from work to visit something in their backyards, but a three day weekend can mean fun family time without missing time from work. There are often deals for Florida Residents, and three day weekends are the perfect time to take advantage of the discounts.

Speaking of Florida Residents, they are another reason why the parks are more crowded on a three day weekend. Annual Passes that were blacked out during the busy summer months are suddenly good to go. Families who live a couple of hours away will decide to make a full weekend out of it. People with a Weekday Select Pass who can usually only go in the evening because they work from nine to five will take advantage of visiting the parks during the day. These are just a couple of the reasons why it makes sense to visit on a three day weekend if someone has a Florida Resident Annual Pass.

Just because the crowd level is up a bit does not mean that you won’t have a great time. Use FastPass+, check Wait Times for other rides in the My Disney Experience App, and try something that you wouldn’t normally do. How much you enjoy your day at Walt Disney World is mostly up to you. Instead of complaining about the crowd level, choose to have a great time. One request, be extra nice to the Cast Members. They hear complaints about the crowd level (and plenty of other things) all day long. A smile and a sincere “I hope you have a great day” to a Cast Member can go a long way.