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Sunday Savings Series: The Off Season

Micky’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and the Food & Wine Festival are two more reasons why September is a great time to visit!

One of the simplest ways to save money if you’re thinking of heading to Walt Disney World is to plan your vacation during the off season. You will experience lower crowds, the weather might be nicer, and you will find savings. While the vacation will still be expensive, you could save a significant amount.

The rule of thumb that I tell people to go by is to check whether or not schools are in session. If kids are out, some of them will be at Walt Disney World. That way they won’t miss any school. Don’t check the school calendar just in your home state. The first and last days of schools vary drastically, depending on where you live. Spring Breaks also tend to be all over the calendar, so keep that in mind if planning a trip after the middle of February. Remember to take into account three day weekends when making your plans. Some families will plan their vacations around those, because it’s one less day of school that the kids will miss.

Walt Disney World has made it easy to see when they expect the off season to be. All that you need to do is to go to the Tickets page on their website. Look at the prices for single day tickets. If there are several days in a row where the tickets are cheaper, there’s a good chance that you will also be able to find a hotel that is cheaper. According to that calendar, if you’re in the early stages of contemplating a Walt Disney World vacation for 2020, consider late August or most of September.

The old days of an “off season” where you could ride everything with almost no wait are gone. Walt Disney World is just too popular for that to be a reality any longer. Disney has tried to structure the costs, which makes some times of year cheaper than others. The savings could be significant if you do your research and travel at the right time of year.