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Sunday Savings Series: Disney Gift Cards

It’s almost like free money!

There is a simple way to save money for a Walt Disney World vacation that many people do not know about. It can help you to offset the cost of your trip, as well as help you to keep your spending under control once you are here. All that you need to do is to buy Disney Gift Cards.

The first way that Disney Gift Cards can help you to save is something that you might not know about. There are places that will sell them below face value. Look for them at stores such as Sam’s Club and BJ’s. You need to be a member of either place to purchase Disney Gift Cards, but the savings could quickly offset the membership fee. Another thing that you might want to consider is signing up for the Target Red Card. This is free, and with the card you will receive five percent back on your purchases; including Disney Gift Cards. I’ve heard of other places that also offer Disney Gift Cards at a discount. This is not meant as an endorsement, but it might be something worth looking into. Disney Gift Cards can be used to pay for your on property room, tickets, most meals, and most souvenirs. If you save money on each card, you’ll save money on your overall vacation.

The other way that Disney Gift Cards can help you to save money is by helping you to keep your spending under control. Purchase gift cards for each day of your vacation. You’ll then know ahead of time how much money you can afford to spend on souvenirs and food. Since you’ve already paid for them, you won’t have to worry about the shock of receiving a huge credit card bill once you return home, because you won’t have charged everything. Disney Gift Cards can help to curb impulse buying.

If you’re traveling with kids, Disney Gift Cards are a great way to teach them the value of a dollar. Buy a gift card for each child before leaving home, stressing that the amount of the card is their spending money. You can buy one card per child for the whole trip, or one per day. Help the kids to keep track of how much is still on the card with each purchase. It’s amazing to see how that “must have” bubble wand doesn’t really matter as much when a child realizes that it will be the last thing bought on the trip.

There’s one more advantage of gift cards that I’d like to share that isn’t as obvious. They won’t be frozen because the bank decided that someone else is using your card. I had that happen to me with my debit card when I went to Disneyland a couple of years ago. The bank didn’t like one of my purchases and froze my account on my last day. I had to work things out with them over the phone in the airport. That type of thing won’t happen if you’re paying for everything with Disney Gift Cards.

You can combine cards if you want so you don’t have to carry a wallet full of cards with you. (There is a maximum value of $1,000 per card.) When you make a purchase, the amount left on the card will be on the bottom. I also recommend either writing down or taking a picture of the number on the back of the card. If your card is lost or stolen, you can report it as such. 

If you’re looking to save money and control your spending on your Walt Disney World vacation, Disney Gift Cards could be helpful. You can buy them for less than face value, which will give you an instant discount on your vacation. If your local grocery store has a fuel rewards program that could be another area where the gift cards will help you to save money. Even if you have a generous budget for your vacation, there’s nothing wrong with finding another place to save. No one wants to overpay.