Allergies and Special Diets, Part Two: Common Allergies

Dining with an allergy is easy at Walt Disney World

If you have an allergy you’ll still be able to eat at most Walt Disney World restaurants. You just need to be careful, but you know that already.

If you’re dining at a counter service restaurant, ask to see the allergy safe menu. You can ask the Cast Member who is at the entrance when you first walk in, you don’t need to wait until it’s your turn to order. (The people behind you will be glad that you didn’t wait!) Once it is time to order, let the cashier know that you have an allergy. If your allergy is life threatening, tell him or her. If necessary, they will make your meal in an area that is away from possible contaminants. Be prepared to wait a little while longer to get your food.

Full service dining is just as easy. When you’re making a reservation, there’s a spot for “Special Requests”. Several common allergens are listed, if one of those is what you can’t have, check it off. If not, just hit “other”. When you arrive at the restaurant, you should be asked about your allergy when you check in. If not, say something to the host or hostess. Your server should mention it to you as well, but again, if nothing is said you need to say it. Your server will be able to tell you what is safe for you to eat.

Buffets are similar. You’ll mark it the same way on your reservation, and it will be mentioned when you check in. A Cast Member (often the chef) will walk you through the buffet, pointing out the items that are safe. If little is safe, the chef will usually talk with you and create a special off-buffet meal for you.

What happens if you don’t have a reservation at a table service restaurant or buffet? It’s still possible to eat there with an allergy. Again, just tell the host or hostess when you check in. It will then be noted for you.

One recommendation that you’ll hear again in this series. Trail’s End at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground is known for being extremely allergy friendly. Chef TJ is an incredible person and wonderful chef, and he truly cares. I’ve heard stories of children who have enjoyed it there so much that they’ve said “I love my allergy” after a Chef TJ meal. He’s that special.

If you still aren’t feeling good about dining at Walt Disney World with an allergy, you can email Special Diets directly. Someone will be able to answer your questions and put your fears to rest. Give them at least 48 hours, longer if possible. You will soon see how easy it is to dine at Walt Disney World, even with an allergy.

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